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Premier Real Estate Service Stayed Ahead Of Technology, Even Before the Days Of High-Speed Computers

July 28, 2016, Hilton Head Island, S.C. — Multiple Listing Service of Hilton Head Island (HHIMLS) is celebrating 40 years of serving the real estate industry on Hilton Head Island and surrounding areas. Always at the forefront of changing technologies designed to help its members be more effective, the HHIMLS was chartered in May 1976. HHIMLS now facilitates $3 billion in real estate transactions annually.

HHIMLS is primarily a data resource that provides its members with real-time statistics, inventory information and trends. An independent MLS, it is not affiliated with any association and thus has a larger responsibility than 80 percent of the MLSs around the U.S. that are organized under a realtors association. HHIMLS conducts member recruiting, provides training for members, and oversees a fully web-based core database, as well as a variety of other services agents need to be successful. 

“Throughout the decades, HHIMLS has utilized the latest technologies to help its members  be competitive, and that forward-looking approach continues through today,” said Yvette Acuff, chief executive officer. “We first went online in 1979 when computers in the workplace were relatively new. MLS installed an IBM Series I with phone lines to connect to TI Terminals in brokerage offices to search the MLS database. From that date on, we've worked to provide our members with the latest technologies.” 

After being recruited to test a laser disk listing system that was cutting-edge in the mid-1980s, HHIMLS was able to offer its members the capability to display color pictures of home interiors on a TV screen, allowing prospective buyers to get a feel for each home without having to travel to Hilton Head Island. With the arrival of the internet, HHIMLS was at the forefront of providing that new tool to its members. 

Today, HHIMLS advanced systems match home buyers and sellers with agents, show buyers available properties, calculate the value of homes, and provide information about the area all on Members have access to a web-based lock box system that includes E-Keys for Smartphones, a “Virtual Tour Creator” for agents to put up video tours of homes on the MLS site, and the latest marketing features like a social media dashboard. HHIMLS agents can connect with other MLSs, learn how to use the latest real estate technology effectively, and have access to the most popular listing sites.

The very latest technology for consumers includes a new app that allows a potential buyer to take a picture of his surroundings.  The app will respond with what is for sale, rent, or where there is an open house nearby.

In addition to Acuff who has been with the MLS since it began, Colette Stevenson serves as chief operating officer, managing more than 20 real estate data services that are provided to real estate agents. Stevenson also oversees all HHIMLS departments, including customer support and sales, compliance, rules and regulations, data services, software engineering information technology, security, and project and product management.

During her tenure with HHIMLS, Stevenson has streamlined operations and reduced annual recurring expenses. She has also successfully launched new initiatives, including GPS-based mobile solutions, mobile property access, data standardization, statistics upgrades, security authentication software, a paperless administration and transaction system, and a virtual product store.  
Throughout its four decades of business, HHIMLS has also utilized its position as a leader in local business to reach out beyond the housing market and help its community. The organization is involved with Operation Christmas Child; Adopt-a-Family; March of Dimes; Hilton Head Heroes, which brings terminally ill children and their families on a Hilton Head vacation; and Deep Well, an organization that helps those in need on Hilton Head Island.

About Hilton Head Island Multiple Listing Service

MLS of Hilton Head Island is a premier multiple listing service in South Carolina. It was established in 1976, headquartered on Hilton Head Island, and is rapidly expanding throughout the state. HHIMLS enables real estate professionals to conduct business using leading technology solutions and services. It is the listing platform facilitating more than $3 billion in annual real estate transactions. HHIMLS is vital to real estate professionals' and to consumers' success by maintaining the most dependable and powerful data in the marketplace, updated in real time. More information about HHIMLS is available at and (843) 785-9696. 

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