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AR Homes | Construction Finishing Manager

Position Details

Reports to the VP of Operations

This position plays a critical role in customer satisfaction by maintaining job schedules and construction quality.

Key Accountabilities

1) Responsible for giving the customer an experience that exceeds their expectations.2) Make sure the job is built in accordance with the job schedule and close the job on time.3) Create and maintain the Job Budget.4) Responsible for the quality of construction, job must meet or exceed the quality of the Model.

Objective: The Construction Finishing Manager works with the Project Coordinator, vendors, and trade contractors to ensure construction jobs are successfully completed on time, within budget, and finished to the standards and specifications agreed with the home buyer.

1) Review Job Schedules with the Project Coordinator to assure that the activities are complete and in the desired sequence.

2) Update job schedules daily.

3) Assure that homes are built according to plans and job selections and that the quality of workmanship is equal to or better than model quality. Assure the complete use of the ARHScope of Work, Construction Practices and Tolerances, and the Check List to achieve ZeroDefect by Phase and to achieve a Gold Standard Closing.

4) Meet construction time frame as created by Job Schedules.

5) Use Customer Job Schedules to maintain communication with the customer on schedule status, at a weekly scheduled time. Provide photos and job schedules to out-of-town customers via text, and email, and post them to the customer extranet.

6) When customers request a change at a job site meeting, relay the information to the PC for pricing. A signed change order and payment from the customer must be received and a purchase order must be issued to the proper vendor prior to additional work being started.

7) Maintain clean job sites. It is the subcontractor’s responsibility to clean up after himself.

8) Assure a safe Jobsite for everyone. Keep a copy of the Safety Manual close to Jobsite.

9) Work energetically to prevent job problems such as delays, field errors, and theft. Do this by understanding the causes of each problem and working personally and with other personnel to

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change the environment which contributed to the problem. Prevention of these problems is the key to zero-defect by phase. When these problems occur, solve them promptly.

10) Request POs and assure that they have been issued by purchasing prior to ordering material or assigning any additional work. No work or material ordered prior to a PO.

11) Find new Subcontractor candidates and recommend them to the VP of Construction or the Purchasing Manager. Recommend Replacing subcontractors that won't meet ARH quality standards.

12) Conduct the final walk-through and home orientation and manage the Gold Standard Closing process. A Gold Standard closing is a home that is delivered with five or fewer non-compliance minor items outstanding at the time of closing, which are completed within 15 calendar days after closing.

13) Prepare closing packages for customer closings and attend the homeowner orientation meeting with the Construction Manager:

  • Explain the use of the equipment in the home.
  • Present the Customer with documents such as the final survey, termite treatment, certificate of occupancy, vendor list, information to transfer utilities, and homeowner maintenance schedule.
  • Review the Credo, what is and is not covered by the warranty, and how to submit a warranty request.
  • Schedule with appropriate subcontractors for homeowner training (i.e. pool, audio/video, security, and others as needed)

14) Assure those open items from the walk-through are completed within two weeks and that subsequent warranty items are completed in a timely manner in conjunction with the WarrantyManager.

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Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $50,000.00 - $70,000.00 per year

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