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Express Employment Professionals Full-Time Audio / Visual Technicians

Position Details

WE'RE HIRING! Full-Time Audio / Visual Technicians - Tier 1, 2 & 3 - Pay Will Vary Depending on Experience and Tiering Category You Fall Within - Tier 1 Being the Lower Level and Tier 3 Being the Highest

Call 843-706-9675 to Apply, or Email Us at Jobs.BlufftonSC@ExpressPros.com

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: • Read, Interpret and Work from Blueprints & Wiring Topologies • Install Wiring & Cables in New and Existing Construction Projects • Perform Timely Completion of Pre-Wiring Functions • Perform Timely & Accurate Completion of Trim-Out Functions o Properly Terminate all Wiring Topologies o Properly Assemble & Install Wall Plates o Properly Install & Program Security Systems o Install TV’s on Brackets and On-Wall / In-Wall / In-Ceiling Speakers and Devices •Install Electronic Equipment o Assemble & Install Racks o Complete the Wiring & Installation • Program Lower Level Functions for Remote Controls & User Interfaces • Program Network Devices & Systems Integration Products • Deploy Systems & Ensure They Work Correctly • Sign-Off on Completed Work Orders from Lower Tiers • Attending to client demands, including production meetings, system reviews, relaying of information to the office team as necessary

REQUIREMENTS: • Ability to Read & Interpret Blueprints & Wiring Topologies • Accurately Define Wiring Needs for Specific Client Needs • Ability to Work in a Fast Pace Environment • Proficient at Retrofitting Solutions • Use Ingenuity & Imagination to Achieve Goals • Proficient at Troubleshooting Electronic Problems & Finding Solutions • Exercise the Freedom to Make Decisions on the Job site in Consideration of the Client • Ability to Problem Solve • Have Own Hand Tools • Ability to Mount TV Brackets & TV’s • Ability to Lift up to 50 lbs. • Ability to Work in Small Spaces • Able to identify wiring cables

SCHEDULE: Mon. – Fri.; 8AM – 5PM

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