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HR Coastal | CNC Operator

Position Details

CNC Operator

Position Open in Beaufort

The CNC Operator will efficiently run the CNC machine in order to attain the required precision cuts for each job. The CNC operator will accomplish this by digitizing, cutting, and any finishing of cutouts/radiuses/core holes, maintaining the production in accordance with the fabrication schedule, inspecting the material for quality assurance, maintaining the equipment according to equipment manufacturer and StoneWorks standards, and assisting operation positions where needed.

Essential Functions
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Inspection of material for quality assurance.
  • Efficiently operate the CNC machine in order to obtain required precisions cuts
  • Cutting and finishing of cutouts/radiuses/ core holes
  • Profiling of countertops with CNC equipment
  • Maintaining production of all jobs in accordance with the fabrication schedule
  • Certify each completed job on the SpeedLabel
  • Operate and maintain equipment in accordance with operating instructions and equipment manuals.
  • Assist in other operations as required
  • Report any down time to Manager.

Contact lklingman@hrcoastal.com for immediate consideration.

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