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The Deep Well Project | Mainland Livable Housing Project Coordinator

Position Details

Job Description for: Mainland Livable Housing Project Coordinator

5-days a week, 40 hr. a week paid position

January, 2021

Position Purpose:

The Project Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the mainland Livable Housing Program for the Deep Well Project, from day-to-day task components to timely project completion, as approved by the Livable Housing Committee and the Executive Director.

Qualifications for Project Coordinator:

Experience in residential building and repair

Ability to work with and manage volunteers with diverse levels of experience

Have good organizational skills

Ability to work with a team of volunteers and approved vendors

Good communication skills, both verbal and written

Responsibilities and Job Duties include:

Home Inspections:

Perform client home visits to review the repair request.

Discuss with the client their needs and how those fit within the critical repair guidelines of the LH program.Agree on an acceptable scope of work with the client and prepare to do the assessment. Clients should always be treated with respect and dignity.

Project Assessment: 

Cost estimate each project for materials and supplies, get quotes for subcontracted work like plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc., Present projects with cost estimates and client loan plan to the Executive Director (projects under $5,000) or the LH Construction Committee (projects at or over $5000) for approval. The Project Coordinator reports directly to the Executive Director.

Client Agreements:

Present project cost estimates to the client and explain the repayment plan. Work with each client to make agreements on the guidelines, assessment, deposit and loan amounts, and project scheduling.  

Volunteer Coordinating:

Recruit volunteers for the work that is not subcontracted. Utilize an online recruiting site to manage volunteers and work days. Set schedules, crew sizes and assign tasks to those volunteers working each day. 

Project Supervision:

Daily preparation of work sites including volunteer crew assignment and organization, training, job site safety monitoring and policy enforcement. Responsible for material deliveries, tools, equipment and storage. Responsible for keeping job costs within budget and submitting of invoices and receipts on a weekly basis.Create task lists daily through completion of each project.Monitor and inspect all volunteer and subcontracted work. Keep clients updated and address their concerns.Report project progress weekly or as needed to the Executive Director. 

Prepare for and participate in monthly Livable Housing Committee meetings, gather information and materials, do research and follow ups to completion of each project.Prepare and present reports as needed to show progress in effectively bringing the Livable Housing Program to the defined service area. The reports include: original cost estimation budget vs actual costs (by project), time lines and status of total projects pending.

Maintain a list of subcontractor, suppliers and vendors approved by LH Construction Committee.  

Other responsibilities as assigned from time to time.

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